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Adjustable Force Gas Struts

All sizes of gas strut are available from stock in the adjustable form. They are supplied pressurised to the maximum force for that size of gas strut. Gas can be released via a bleed valve accessible from the side. The force can hence be reduced. These struts are ideal for applications where the force required is unknown.

For larger batches, sample adjustable force struts can be supplied, adjusted in-situ, returned to the factory where the force can be measured. Future orders can then be supplied with that force.

Adjustment Instructions
  1. Mount gas strut on the application with the rod pointing down and the valve for adjustment at the top
  2. The strut will have more force than is required so do not attempt to force the door or lid shut
  3. Insert a 2mm Allen key into the grub screw. Undo slightly until the sound of gas escaping is heard. Quickly re-seal the valve by tightening the grub screw. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN
  4. If using two struts per application, adjust each one in turn until the correct force is achieved. It is important not to release too much gas in one go. However, the struts can be re-charged if returned to the factory.
Mounting Brackets

The following zinc plated steel mounting brackets are available from stock. For alternative designs and stainless steel brackets please contact our sales office.

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