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Locking Gas Struts

Locking gas struts have similar characteristics to standard compression type gas struts. The locking mechanism is actuated by depressing the button at the end of the piston rod. This enables the strut to be compressed. If the button is released at a mid stroke position, the strut will remain locked in that position. By depressing the button again, the strut will gently return to its full extension.

Locking gas struts are available in two type, rigid or elastic. THe most common used elastic type (type 'EL') allows small amounts of movement of the piston rod to give a cushioning effect. They are most often found in height adjusters in office chairs. Rigid locking struts (type 'RL') provide as the name suggests a more rigid locking effect. They are usually found on hospital beds and massage couches. The rigidity can be provided in either the extension or compression direction.

Technical Data
Material Hard chrome plated piston rod. Powder coated cylinder
Force Range 200 - 1000N
Button Release Force 0.3 x F1
End Fittings For alternative end fitting click here
Cylinder End Release Contact our sales office for further details
Ancillary Equipment For release mechanisms, cable release and push button release contact our sales office for further information
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