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Gas Struts for New Applications

If a gas strut is required for a new application, the simple procedure that follows will cover the majority of applications. If your particular application falls outside the scope of those illustrated or should you require help in the selection procedure, please call our sales help-line on 01234 843979

  1. Examine figs 3 & 4 and determine which is the closest representation of your application.
  2. Measure the weight to be lifted and from fig 2 determine your required strut size.
  3. Measure the width of the door/lid (dimension W).
  4. Examine our product pages and select a gas strut with a stroke approximately 25% of dimension 'W'.
  5. Select your required end fittings and add their length to the extended length of the gas strut to give the overall length between centres.
  6. Draw a layout to scale and check that your chosen gas strut will fit between your proposed fixing points, both in the open and closed positions. Adjust as required.
  7. Calculate the force (F1) using the appropriate formula.
  8. If the force is too high, either choose a larger diameter strut or use a strut with a longer stroke, moving the mounting positions to suit the new size.
Gas Struts for new applications
Gas Struts for new applications
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